How to Order Mortise Chains

To order a complete set or a guide bar, please be sure to send us the following information:

  • Mortise dimensions: width (W) (corresponding to the thickness or width of the chain), length (L) and depth (D).
  • The machine's centre guide-sprockets “E” (if different from the standard one of 150 mm).
  • Inner link chain.
  • Thickness of the bearing.
  • Make and model of mortise machine (if possible).
  • Specify if the guide bars have to be with "CL" lubrication (connection for automatic oil pump) or "CI", with the Stauffer manual grease cup.

To order a single chain, tell us:

  • Width (or thickness) of the chain.
  • Number of links in the chain.
  • Pitch of chain.
  • Thickness of its inner link.

To order sprockets and bar ends, let us know:

  • Mortise width (W).
  • Mortise length (L).
  • Chain pitch.
  • Thickness of the bearing.
  • Number of teeth of sprocket .