Mortise chainsMortise and Slotter Chains

Top quality • Cleanest cuts • Long lasting

We supply standard Mortise and Slotter chains for portable and stationary machines, including Mafell, Sauer, ProTool, Hema, SwissPro, Haffner.

Custom sizes are available for stationary mortisers.

Double your time between sharpenings with our hard-chrome plated option.

Use our chain sharpening service to keep the proper pitch and correct angle for the maximum life of the edge.

Chain sharpeners

We also carry chain sharpening machines.

If you run a sharpening service, call us at 1-800-350-8176 for proper profile information!


Get better service life out of your chain - Use our "Chain-Fitness" spray.

Check it out! Our chains cut the cleanest mortise!

Cutting Chain Technology

Few wood-cutting chain makers are left in the world, and some have deemed this technology obsolete. But how else do you cut mortises into timber frames or mortises for making windows and doors? Or mortises into fence posts? Or even holes into solidly frozen ice?

While routers can do most of the job, they produce a lot of dust. That is why we are seeing a resurgence of cutting chain technology.

Properly sharpened mortise chains outproduce any router or milling function.